Dragon girl worship Guanyin-The Godness of Mercy

Dragon girl worship Guanyin
At the side of Guanyin Bodhisattva, there is a pair of boys and girls, the man is called Shancai, and the woman is called the dragon girl. The dragon girl was the youngest daughter of the Dragon King of the East China Sea. She was born with a beautiful eyebrow, smart and sly, and won the favor of the Dragon King. One day, she heard that the fish lights were playing on the world, and it was very lively. The dragon king dragon must shake his head and say: “There is a lot of people there, but it is not the place where your dragon princess went!” The dragon girl is also spoiled and crying, and the dragon king is not. The dragon girl whispered a small mouth and thought: You will not let me go, I will go! After three days, I sneaked out of the Crystal Palace and turned into a very good-looking fisher girl. I walked to the place where the fish lights were on the moonlight. This is a small fishing town, and the fish lights on the street are so many! There are yellow fish lights, corner lights, octopus lights, cuttlefish lights, shark lights, as well as lobster lights, sea crab lights, scallop lights, conch lights, coral lights… Dragon Girl Dongxi, West look, the more you look, the more happy Sometimes, I am eager to squeeze into the crowd. Not a moment to come to the crossroads, it is more interesting! The fish lamp is stacked with a fish lamp, the lamp mountain is connected to the mountain, colorful, and brilliance. The dragon girl seemed to be standing in front of a lamp Hill and could see God.
Who knows that at this time, half a cup of cold tea is poured from the attic, and it is poured on the dragon girl’s head. The dragon girl was shocked and complained. The dragon girl who turned into a girl, couldn’t touch a drop of water, and once she touched the water, she could no longer hold the girl’s appearance. The dragon girl was anxious, afraid to show the dragon shape on the street, and recruited the wind and rain to collapse the lanterns, so she desperately crowded out the crowd and rushed to the beach. Just ran to the beach, suddenly “suddenly”, the dragon girl turned into a very large fish, lying on the beach can not move.
Coincidentally, two fat little fishmen came up on the beach and saw this golden fish, and suddenly caught it.
“What kind of fish is this! How can it be placed on the beach?” The fat boy is too courageous to stand far and said: “I have never seen this fish before. I am afraid it is unlucky. Let’s go!” The skinny boy is bold. Reluctant to leave, while fiddling with the fish, said: “No matter what fish it is, go to the street to sell, can you earn a pen to use it?” The two men squatted for a while, then squatted on the fish and went to the streets to sell It is.
That night, Guanyin Bodhisattva was sitting in the Zizhu forest, and she had clearly seen what had just happened. She did not feel the compassion. She said to the good-governing boy standing behind him: “You are going to the fishing town.” A big fish is bought and sent to the sea to release.”
Shan Caiji first: “Buddha, how can a disciple have silver to buy fish?”
Guanyin Bodhisattva smiled and said: “You just grab a hand from the incense burner.”
Shancai nodded and said, hurried to the Guanyinyuan to grab a ash, stepping on a lotus flower, flying like a straight to the fishing town. At this time, the two boys had already smashed the fish to the street, and they were surrounded by the fishermen. The strange, admired people ask for the price, the rocky ridge, talk about the village, but no one dares to buy such a big fish.
There is a white-bearded old man who said, “Kid, this fish is too big. Do you open it for sale?” The fat boy thought, he felt that the old man was right, so he borrowed a meat axe from him. It’s going to be squid. Suddenly, a child called out: “Look at it? The big fish shed tears.” The fat boy stopped looking at the axe, and the big fish really had two strings of crystal tears, scared to throw away the meat axe and drilled outside the crowd. The skinny boy was afraid of picking up the soup, and quickly picked up the meat axe, but was stopped by a breathless little sand. “Mo Zhen! Mo Zhen! I bought this fish.” Everyone saw it, very surprised. “How do you buy a fish from a small sand?” The old man paused and said with a goatee, “The monk buys fish, is it afraid to open it?”
Xiao Shami saw everyone screaming and blushing, and blushing, quickly said: “I bought this fish to release it!” Saying, took out a piece of broken silver, handed it to the skinny boy, and asked them to pick it up. seaside. The skinny kid is secretly happy: “I’m going to make it outside! I’m going to the beach, maybe I’ll be able to take this big fish back when I go to the small sands!” He greeted the fat boy and picked up the big fish, followed the little sand to the beach. go with.
The three came to the beach, and the little Shami told them to put the big fish in the sea. The fish touched the sea and immediately took a splash of water, swam far and wide, then turned around and nodded with Xiaosha, and suddenly disappeared. The skinny boy saw the fish wandering away, and this time he broke the idea of ​​fishing for extra money, and found out the broken silver, which was to be given to the fat boy. Unexpectedly, I opened my palm and saw that the broken silver became a fragrant ash, and it was blown away by a gust of wind. In a blink of an eye, I found a little novice, and I didn’t know where to go.
Besides, in the East Palace Dragon Palace, since I have not seen the little princess, the palace is smashed into a bee. The dragon king is so angry that the dragon must be straight, and the turtles are so anxious that the head and neck are extended to the old, and the goalkeeper crab general is scared to spit foam. The jade shrimp lady is afraid to tremble on the ground. It was always dawning, and the dragon girl returned to the Crystal Palace, and everyone was relieved. The Dragon King narrowed his eyes and screamed with anger: “You dare to commit the rules of the palace, go out privately! Say! Where have you gone?” The Dragon Girl looked at the Dragon King and became angry, knowing that Jiaojiao was useless, and said: ” Father, the daughter went to watch the fish lamp. If it wasn’t for the Goddess of Mercy to send a good boy to save me, the daughter was almost dead!”
Then I will tell my own experience. The Dragon King listened and his face was eclipsed. He was afraid that Guanyin would tell the story and let the Jade Emperor know that he had to sue. The more he wanted to be more eager, the woman, and she was driven out of the Crystal Palace.
The dragon woman is very sad, and I am going to live in the East China Sea. The next day, she cried and came to the lotus ocean. When the cry came to the Zizhulin, Guanyin Bodhisattva knew that the dragon girl had come. She told the good fortune to pick up the dragon girl. Shancai jumped to the dragon girl and smiled and asked: “Dragon girl, do you still remember me this little shaman?”
The dragon girl quickly shed her tears and blushes and said, “You are a good-going brother? You are my savior!” Shancai grabbed her: “Go, Guanyin Bodhisattva asked me to pick you up!” Shancai and the dragon girl went hand in hand into Zizhulin. When the dragon girl saw the Guanyin Bodhisattva sitting on the lotus platform, she leaned over and bowed. Guanyin Bodhisattva likes the dragon girl very much, and let her live like a brother and sister in a cave near the Chaoyin Cave. This cave was later called the “Good Fortune Dragon Girl Cave”. However, the Dragon King repented and often called the Dragon Girl back. The dragon girl is attached to the scenery of Putuo Mountain and is no longer willing to go back to the Crystal Palace where it is imprisoned.
Since then, the Dragon Girl has followed the Goddess of Mercy.